Have you been looking for that extra push to get you off of your butt to start losing weight and getting into shape? Our 28 Day Transformation Challenge is exactly what you’re looking for

28 DTC program, we help every participant 100%. Because it has created so many real success stories.  The main reason is that personalised services combined with high-quality products achieve more with less!  28 DTC program is more suitable for people who rarely exercise, non-active people, different age groups or people who would like to participate in weight loss. Because 28DTC program will bring you the most comprehensive personal health planning, including the group workout, professional education, learning healthy nutrition and a balanced diet of good habits.

A total transformation challenge in a month you have the opportunity to lay the foundation that will totally change how you look, feel and perform for the rest of your life. The participant with the most points at the end of the program will win some amazing prizes, in each season

TOTAL VALUE POOL valued at around AU$2000

So what’s included in the 28 Day Transformation Challenge…


Gym + home follow a long workout, detailed stretching & mobility guide, exercise video demos & sessions can be viewed in our 28DTC app. You will have something to do every day !­

28 day
nutrition plan

Food plans and recipes that designed to reduce body fat fast but most importantly enables you to carry on beyond the 28 days and maintain a clean healthy diet.

Coaching &

Access to a private members area in our 28DTC app and Facebook group. So you know exactly what to do when you wake up every morning and follow our guideline during the 28 days.


If you are in the location by the 28DTC hosted, for those of you who are up for the challenge and want to get more workouts on the weekend. 28DTC hosts HIIT sessions every weekend for you.

Body Composition

Our app is able to track your body-fat, Lean muscle mass, goal tracking and document your bodies changes so you can see the results.


We provide products such as the Protein replacement, cellular vitamin minerals & probiotic throughout your challenge. Take your replacement protein drinks & supplements for the transformation with ultimate results.

Total Package is Only $389!

Still need more proof? Check out some more of our success stories below

Follow our simple 5-step formula for 28 days and we GUARANTEE you’ll lose weight, decrease your body fat and get lean and you can just feel fit, strong and healthy.


Weigh in with your data
Get you on our selected Fitbit bio body weight scale machine test provides a comprehensive view of body composition balance, to understand where and why you are storing those unwanted body fats. Attend the Open & Closing ceremony for weight in. If you decided to use your own weight scale machine, you have to send us a digital data saved by the date your started and finished. We can’t guarantee if you don't have the data of what we required.
Follow the diet and eat clean
28 day meal plan, learn your nutrition once and for all, what foods to eat and when to eat them to burn fat and build muscle. Learn the right supplements to take to fast track your results. Build your plan with Myfitnesspal app or Fitbit devices to track your process. We will ask you to complete a food diary and submit it to us during the first 14 days.
Take your supplements
We provide products such as the essential vitamin & minerals throughout your challenge. Take your replacement protein drinks & supplements for the transformation with ultimate results. Share your photos with you taking your supplement on your facebook and our Facebook group chat will help guarantee you the program works and the same time to provide evidence.
Follow our Smart & Efficient 28 day workouts program
We provide 2 High-intensity Interval outdoor group workouts with our professional trainers each weekend. We recommend 3 strength training sessions, 3 cardio sessions in your own time. Post your workout moment photos to our Facebook group chat or share at your personal Facebook account, plus use your smartphone to check in and record your workout recording data at Myfitnesspal or Fitbit devices it will prove your Guarantee.
Take your before / after photos
Use our 28DTC system app, to take before and after photos to help monitor your progress. Choose Public or Private (only you see your photo's but also means you are not in the running for the prizes)

Season 11
start date

SUN,17 FEB –  SAT, 16 MAR 2019

  • Opening Event Time: 1 pm -3:30 pm 
  • Weigh-In Session: 11am-12pm
  • Venue: 541 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Final ceremony Session: 11am – 1pm Sunday 17 MAR 2019
  • Weigh in & Body measurements: 10am – 11am
  • Venue: 541 King St, Melbourne VIC 3000
  • Register link will send out by subscribed email address & my28DTConline fitness app

Participants for Melbourne region only

Join the Season 11 Challenge

for only AU$389

The transformation program also included: Nutrition products 48 serves of Protein replacement, 56 serve of Multi-Vitamin, 14 serves of Probiotic sticks.

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