6 awesome things you didn’t know about my28DTC app

Our team in 28DTC is excited to launch our app, my28DTC. To access the full content as listed below. You need to register below at the form.

6 Awesome features you didn’t know on my28DTC app

1.Have you ever been confused with getting a correct form for your exercise but have no one to guide you?
We have thousands videos and counting of workout videos directed by qualified trainers who direct you in the videos on the how-to tutorial on workouts done at home or the gym.

2. Not sure what workouts you should do? Where to exercise?

Well, my28DTC makes it easy as workouts are separated for home or the gym. It’s also created by the personal trainer who will work by your side all the way with you through the online workout program. It created in detail with videos and notes to make sure you never feel lost. Always knowing that you are one step closer to your goals.

3. Unsure which food fits your macro profiles (protein, carbs, and fats)?

Your account on 28DTC app, we make counting easy by linking our app with fitness tracking app, myfitnesspal. Whatever you eat which has a barcode, you can just scan and forget. But you can also just type the name of the food it will record it down. If you link your myfitnesspal, our team of experts can help you stay accountable.

4. Curious about trying a different workout program from what you already doing?

The my28DTC allow you access a library of workouts created by our team of trainers. Once bought, you will be assigned a personal trainer to help you make the transition and achieve the best result for you.

5. The my28DTC is created to help support real people just like you get real result. We created it with your needs in mind to make lasting change.

A feature of the app is the group community, where you can converse and receive support from other participants who are also doing the program.

You can create a connection with those doing the program. Who may only be living just a suburb away from you, and can get together once a week to exercise. Also, we include a direct message with your personal trainer, if you have anything you like to ask. You could just shoot a message or video call to ask any questions between you and the personal trainer.

6. Recipes, nutrition and guides are all recorded in the app. it can be either viewed on the app or downloaded. It’s as simple as a click away.

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