Exercising but not losing stubborn fat

Have you found yourself exercising like walking, playing sports or lifting weights but can’t lose that stubborn fat?

A lot of people who have worked with the trainers and nutritionist, always ask. “I am exercising frequently but I don’t seem to be able to lose this stubborn fat around…” Well, we get it a lot.
To answer this question we create a series of articles to answer this question. Fitness, Nutriton and Mindset.


Change the intensity will change the rate of fat loss.

The intensity of your training will be determined by your overall fitness level. So this doesn’t mean you have to train like a maniac! If you are a beginner, start raising the rhythm of your movement slowly.

The key is to be aware that at least three times a week of your workout are operating outside of your comfort zone.

A general rule of thumb to know, you are breathing heavier. Sweating or puffing. This is a good sign you are operating outside of your comfort zone.

Take up active recovery.

People become afraid of the pain and aches they feel after exercising.

The reason for this is simply the body is trying to recover from previously. Like when you sit down at a desk the whole day, how does it make you feel? The same applies to exercise when you are moving, you tend to be happier in your mood.

A general thumb is to include actively recover across your day. Change your active recovery based on the weather, people involve and resource you have.
If it’s a cold season, go to a spin class indoors.

If you are with your kids at home. Do yoga with your kids.

Be consistent.

You should move daily.

The variation in the workout and intensity should be constant to make your body burn the excess fat.
It doesn’t have to be a hard workout every day, be consistent in your movement for 28 minutes daily and incorporate active recovery. Also eating well.

As a general rule of thumb, just place your schedule that every time I plan three exercise days, I will incorporate one leisure activity. For example, going to the beach and walking on soft sand.

Lastly, I believe that if you have an accountability partner or system to keep you on the track, it’s much easier than it seems.

Here are the options. You can join a community or group around your neighborhood who exercise regularly and are already losing weight. The cost would be possibly joining the group based on their schedule and location they lived which may not be convenient for everyone. Additionally, your option can be to take up a personal trainer to keep you accountable to do all the above for a price. Or.

Just use the app, 28DTC on your phone. Where you can connect with the awesome 28 DTC private group making 100s of people. You will be assigned your own personal trainer to keep you on track towards your goals and personal health advise that it’s helpful for you alone. Without being bound to a time and location because it’s all on your phone from a click of a button. The option is yours.

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