(Season 12 AU) What is the Early bird promotion Bonus 3 T-Up means ?

A: If you are a previous 28dtc member ( For example completed the season 9). You join the season 12 (AU), You must invite a friend ( he/she never join any 28DTC season challenge before), then you will receive 50% discount of Your Joining fee (AU$75 x 50%= AU$37.50), but your new friend pay original price AU$75.


(Season 12 AU) I had some nutrition products ( Protein powder) left from last challenge, would I still able to join the season 12 challenge, without purchase the New Nutrition Pack?

A: Each of the participant must purchase the Nutrition pack online  shopping at HUB from 17/Oct – 26/Oct , it costs AU$315+$10 shipping from Sydney to Melbourne. Package contains 100 pts for usana members only.

Member must aware of the package do not include in the Auto Order. It’s only available at Online Shopping Cart, also Preferred Customer & BC enrolments with initial order only. This nutrition pack included a Free Gift for each participant ( Workout Resistance band x 1) 

To be eligible for the season 12 Challenge, each of the participant required to purchase a 28Day transformation Nutrition package, to enter the challenge.

Please provide us your purcahse original receipt or once you received your order,  take a selfie photo with your wrokout resistance band, send the photo to the admin before 25 Oct by email : info@28dtc.com.au    ( your email content must provide your register name in this season 12 challenge)

If participant did not follow the challenge rules , at the end of result in disqualification of this season,  in addition to any sanctions under the 28DTC Challenge Agreement.


(Season 12 AU) How to win T-Up Prizes?

A: For 28DTC previous members with experience in the Challenge in their pass,  they should guide the new person to complete the 28 day challenge program together.  Which encourages the new friend to step by step to make progresss.

During the challenge both of you  T-UP together means 2 people in a team, both could achieve goals every week, to complete the tasks and reward by the points system. Along the 4 weeks, both participant’s physical health is scientifically shown to improve. 

If the T-up couples completed the Challenge together, also achieved tasks and points,  grouped the points together, if the T-UP group got the highest points than others T-up groups.  They both could wins the T-up achievment prizes.


(Season 12 AU) If my friend registered the challenge, entry by the term called T-UP, input my name as his buddy. Do I need to fill another registration form again?

A: Yes, Both of  participants need to register their own detail and make their own payment online. After the registration and payment, participant will received a email from my28DTC,  gives the download link and set up your profile at 28DTC online fitness app.

(Season 12 AU) I'm a Vegetarian, I can not take the Mixed protein powder in the Nutrition pack. Could I purchase my own Vegetarian protein powder and supplements myself? Only pay the AU$75 joining fee to enter the Season 12 Challenge?

A: YES, the 28Day transform nutrition package does not have Vegetarian protein powder in the pack. If Participant is Vegetarian,  we suggested they can try few options:

[1] Ask some 28DTC members to swap a product called Soymax., it can purchase online shopping at HUB.

[2] For others un-trusted products will not eligible for Season 12 Challenge requirements

[3] Requirement to entry the season 12, must order the Nutrition Package, but If any participant have any Special dietary requirements  or allergies, food intolerances and sensitivities problem. First you should register the spot  for season 12, don’t pay the joining fee  payment yet, until you contact us and try our best to provide a solution to suit your circumstances . ( email to: info@28dtc.com.au  )

What do I eat on the 28 day challenge ?

A:  Healthy foods and balance diet. We have provided everyone with a meal plan as a guide in the my28DTC app. If you keep within the calorie intake for the day and stick to the meal plan you will see results.

Do I have to take the supplements and replacement protein shake?

Yes. To be eligible to win the prizes, you need to take the supplements and replacement protein shake during the 28 day program, you will see results in the 28 days.

I can’t find the my28dtc app in the app store ?

You have to have an invitation to the online app or register for 28DTC challenge to use the fitness app. 28DTC have offered a FREE 2-week workout online program, You can go to Menu>Programs>Offers>Free online coaching, to register your name and email.  Once you did, check your email and set up my28dtc app.  

Can I still win the prizes if I can’t make it to the final weigh-in ?


No. If you are unable to make it to the before or after weigh-in, unfortunately you can not win the prizes. 

Can I win the prizes if I forgot to upload my Before and After photos ?

No. Unfortunately, you are not able to win the prizes if you do not submit your before and after photos. This is one of the rules of the competition in the FAQ – Terms & Condition sheet that you have signed.

Can I weigh in before the opening ceremony if I can’t make it on that day ?

Yes, normally we have 2 different times of weigh-in session before you start the challenge. If you have any special case, such as a business trip or going overseas during the opening or closing ceremony. Please contact us to arrange you’re weigh-in.  Email to Challenge@28dtc.com.au or contact your online trainer in the 28dtc app.

How do I connect my fitbit device to the my28DTC app?

Yes, it will help our trainers to check your daily data and coach you to the great result. Check this link for how to set up Fitbit  http://help.trainerize.com/hc/en-us/articles/210355383-How-does-a-client-connect-their-Fitbit-to-Trainerize-

How do I connect MyFitnessPal app to my28DTC app ?

Yes, it will help our trainers to check your daily data and coach you to the great result. Check this link for how to set up myFitnesspal http://help.trainerize.com/hc/en-us/articles/209150146-How-does-a-client-connect-MyFitnessPal-to-Trainerize-

What data syncs and what can I track from MyFitnessPal in Trainerize ?


Yes, it will help our trainers to check your daily data and coach you to the great result. Check this link for how to set up myFitnesspal  http://help.trainerize.com/hc/en-us/articles/209151086-What-syncs-and-what-can-I-track-from-MyFitnessPal-in-Trainerize-

Where do I send my before and after photos ?




Can I continue using the my28dtc app after the challenge 28DTC is over ?

 Can I continue using the my28dtc app after the challenge 28DTC is over ?


A: Yes! You have 1 week post workout after the challenge end. Also you will receive 20% discount code to choose from one of our amazing programs.  (Click the link to check out our programs) https://www.trainerize.me/profile/28dtc

Do I have to attend all of the weekend HIIT sessions during the 28DTC ?

No, you don’t. But we do advise you to make an effort to make it to as many HIIT sessions as you can to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

Do I get a full refund for my joining fee ?

28DTC online fitness system is using the payment gateway called Stripe. As per Stripe’s terms, there are no fees to refund a charge, but the fees collected from the original transaction are not returned. (Local credit card fees 2.25% + 30c ,e.g:  AU$79 x2.25% + 30c = AU$2.10).

Refunds take 5 to 10 days to appear on client’s statement.

After my register from the challenge page, what I have to do?

You will receive 4 emails –


1) Welcome email, the email included a payment gateway link for you to pay for the Joining cost.  After your pay by your credit card. guide you how to set up the fitness app.

2.) my28DTC Fitness app set up email

3.) Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) & Term & Condition file for you to sign and return

4) Your Paid Invoice