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Whether you’re beginner in need of a lifestyle change or a well-seasoned fitness competitor, our personal trainers are committed to delivering innovative, fun, challenge and rewarding physical training at every session. We are giving you the best tools, guidance and ongoing support to ensure you achieve your fitness & health goals.

Transformation Coach

I’m a wealth of knowledge in the areas of fitness, wellness, nutrition and lifestyle change.
I give people the inspiration, motivation and resources they need to take back control of their lives and know that it’s never too late to create the life they want to dream of.

Aurora Barreca
Personal Trainer

I have such a passion for the fitness industry that I will do everything I can to help and motivate my clients to reach their goals and achieve the results they desire. I am compassionate and very understanding of my client’s needs because I lost 25kg on my own fitness journey before I became a Personal Trainer …..

Frank Neo
Personal Trainer

No matter if you want to transform to be the best version of yourself; or if you want to improve your strength and conditioning; or if you want someone who understand what you are going throughduring a weight loss journey, he would love to help you with your fitness goals.

Adrian Foo
Personal Trainer

I can turn anyone’s body back years younger whether you are a mother, a middle-aged men or in your 20s, so you can finally put on the dress you never wore because you grew out of it, or make your current oversize pants be too large that you need a new wardrobe for the new you after my program.

Nam Nguyen
Personal Trainer
Since I started training, I didn’t have anyone to guide me and I hit only of obstacles such as injuries and inability to motivate myself. I want to use this as a way to connect with others and empower them to reach their fitness goal while avoiding those obstacles I have gone through.
Stanley Ho
Group Fitness Coach

Empower new generation with new thinking and new ways to battle current lifestyles health concerns and preventative health problem using the cost-effective and sustainable method.

Wilson Wong
Personal Trainer

We have the potential to push beyond our limit, is just that our choice to do it or not. You are more than you are.

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