First of all, I really want to thank this 28dtc program and Coach Rocky with his personal trainer team especially my trainer Adrian who guide me throughout the journey of this program. This is a really amazing program not only suitable for youngsters but also people like my age group.
No matter where you are, as long as you are in this program, you can access it through the apps in mobile and do the proper workouts as scheduled and planned by your appointed trainer. On top of that, our meals are well planned in this program too.
After I completed this program, I become more disciplined and more conscious about my health. I also aware that the RIGHT way to keep fit and healthy is very crucial!I thought I can never do plank for 1 minute earlier but I finally make it after this program! I can’t believe that I can lose 4.2 kgs, a 6.42% lost in weight in just 28DAYS!
I believe nothing can stop us if we really want, and can always achieve it if we are very determined and persistent! In this program I really see miracles, turn many things from impossible to possible! I strongly recommended everyone to join this program in a TEAM, you can have fun to do exercise together especially in HIIT, gain health and gain prizes at the end of the program!