Jaclyn Hi (Australia) 

Highly recommend to give this a go! I lost 6 inches around my waist and finally fit back into my pre-babies(I have two) skinny jeans, my thigh gap is back and my shirts aren’t so tight anymore. This program is so easy to follow and customizable to fit any schedule. The coaches online are real and there for me everyday. I even get to meet them in person during group sessions. There is an amazing support from peers that kept me motivated. I didn’t starve or eat bland food and I didn’t have to go into a gym to workout because I customized it so. Yes that’s me in the photo. The results are definitely real.

Marco Yap (Malaysia)

Most convenient fitness apps there used by 28DTC, allowing us to track our exercise, food calories, body data, food and work out plan. Most importantly, there are groups doing HIIT and workout together, pushing and motivate through together. Definitely a good global online challenge to participate and getting the habit maintaining healthy lifestyle.

Jia Woei Chang (Malaysia)

Thank you 28DTC for giving me the chance and motivation to reduce my body weight and body fat. 5 star for the meal plan and exercise program. Thanks to the coaches for guiding me from day 1 until day 28! 

Soraya K. Barr

This 28 DTC empowered me to challenge my physical (Diabetic) , mind and emotion. I have so much support from the team and others participants. The most importantly I did lost nearly 5 kg for the first time in 18 years.

Eva Lau

28days fitness challenge has just finished. I just want to thank everybody who supported me throughout this journey. It’s definitely one of the highlight for me this year. But this isn’t the end, it is just the beginning! 2017 I’m ready for you, bring on the good health! Go Team bloody hot *next season will be starting again in January for anyone who’s interested to make a change!


The 28dtc has been the start of my new healthy lifestyle. It has set me on the right path of living a better life and being a good role model for my kids.


I love to be healthy and have a good body shape. I heard people talk about boot camp, weight lost and transformation long time ago. My friend invited me to 28DTC session 5 open day, I have found that it was very interesting. I am not a gym person so I just like to exercise at home or the park. It was the right time in March then I decided to join 28DTC session 7. I have a lot of knowledge how to stay healthy and exercise for maximum benefit. I wish that I will have great results over the next month and stay healthy in everyday life.

Aleqiu Coeur

I have a busy schedule. Fact. But I want a hot body in a healthy way. Also fact. 28DTC is proven to be able to help me achieve this result! Through educating how our body actually works, how to overcome our challenges, & how minor improvements in our lifestyles make HUGE DIFFERENCES in weight and body fat loss! So much confidence boost & all my friends who joined together with me gained so much benefits (and lost so much faaaaaats)

Sai Kham Pan

Definitely a must join program for healthy living lifestyle.
For gym goers, you could learn the proper form from coaches who supports you with prompt and direct answer.

Seng Chee Chong

I have been stagnant with my fitness goal of getting abs for the past 6 months before I joined 28DTC. Since I have not been in a group exercise and trained by personal coaches I reckon that I give 28DTC a shot and it was one of the best decision I’ve ever made! Exercising as a group is so much fun and engaging than doing it alone, and the feedback from the coaches are valuable in fast-tracking my fitness journey the correct way!


Staying fit and healthy is a priority for all of us! This 28 day transformation challenge had supported us to not only reach our goals but to develop better habits to a healthier lifestyle. Great coaches, great program and most of all great results from each individual participants


The only person you have to beat is yourself. Join the challenge and the greatest gift you will receive is the better looking YOU and body.


Thank you 28dtc coaches. It’s been an amazing journey and awesome support to getting me to reach my goals. Without you guys I would not have lost over 23kg in just a few months. Definitely recommended for everyone!!

Jasmine Lim (Malaysia)  

First of all, I really want to thank this 28dtc program and Coach Rocky with his personal trainer team especially my trainer Adrian who guide me throughout the journey of this program. This is a really amazing program not only suitable for youngsters but also people like my age group.
No matter where you are, as long as you are in this program, you can access it through the apps in mobile and do the proper workouts as scheduled and planned by your appointed trainer. On top of that, our meals are well planned in this program too.
After I completed this program, I become more disciplined and more conscious about my health. I also aware that the RIGHT way to keep fit and healthy is very crucial!I thought I can never do plank for 1 minute earlier but I finally make it after this program! I can’t believe that I can lose 4.2 kgs, a 6.42% lost in weight in just 28DAYS!
I believe nothing can stop us if we really want, and can always achieve it if we are very determined and persistent! In this program I really see miracles, turn many things from impossible to possible! I strongly recommended everyone to join this program in a TEAM, you can have fun to do exercise together especially in HIIT, gain health and gain prizes at the end of the program!

Sally Xiao

28DTC 是一个非常轻松版的体重管理计划!
通过认识澳洲的RoCky 教练,认识到28DTC ,让从来只想瘦,不运动的我,开始意识到原来配合适量的运动,加上饮食的控制,而且28DTC也不一定需要去健身房,随时随地都可以运动。还有一群志道合的战友,一起参与比赛,形成一个良性竞争,大家都会互相鼓励和激励,短短28天轻松就可以改变体形,并且连个人意志和自信心一并得到煅练。
我非常鼓励大家一定要参加28DTC. 我现在每一届都积极参加,並且都开始帮助不少身边的朋友,成功改变生活坏习惯。

Elin Hung

I was excited to try this 28 day DTC program as a challenge to myself. Not for losing weight . For more healthier life . After the 28days I had more energy and was loving that I was able to eat without feeling guilty. I Know how to chose the right food , clean eating , nutritious and exercise by the end of the program.

Vicky Chia

My life changed just by undergoing this 28 Day Transformation. I lost weight obviously but I don’t think that’s the main benefit for me. The main benefit I gained is the education that I learnt about myself and health awareness of what is important for my body. What I have been doing before was totally wrong. I’m glad I was introduced to this. Thanks!!

Jasmine Wong

28dtc is a very realistic program which everyone is capable to do.
It’s got no hidden strings attached and nothing fancy, pure professionals suggesting how you can reach your goal the way you want!
In a space of 28 days, I saw massive improvements in strength, firmness and definition. Most importantly, the motivation I got because of encouragement with all participants. It’s like a community of like minded people which sets this program from the others I have tried.


It’s such a great transformation program. Now I eat healthier than ever before. I never thought healthy food can be yummy too. I started to workout and know how to actually look after myself. I love 28 days challenge from my heart. Very recommended for everyone!! It’s life changing.