What is Yo-yo diet?

When an upcoming event like a friend’s wedding or an important event is quickly approaching.
It’s not unusual to want to drop a few kilos fast. As the important event calls for putting on our
great outfit, we picked out months ahead.

Most people are tempered to try a juice fast or another trendy crash diet, or that someone is
you. So you cut back your calories for a few weeks, and behold, you hit your weight goals. If it
sounds too good to be true, that’s because it probably is. Days after you start eating, your body
regresses back putting on the weight, and more.

This problem is known as the Yo-yo diet.

What happens simply is the juice fast or crash diet you did to fit into your outfit for that special
event. Actually what it is doing to your body. You are solely losing the water weight and muscle
on your body, not fat. So when you return to that desserts, drinks, and snacks. Your body will start pilling that food into
fat and you gain the weight back, and fatter in days.

To manage your body not to experience the after-effects of the yo-yo diet. Which we know is
unpleasant. It simply not to restrict yourself in your diet like no carbs, or slashing calories to
below the healthy levels for your body.

Here in 28 Day Transformation Challenge, we form a group of trainers and nutritionists in
helping real people get real results. Our trainer and nutrition team-best three tips to help you:

1. We here in 28 DTC helps provide a guideline for you to live happily and healthily.

No grueling calorie counting needed. As we understand everyone’s body and lifestyle are different.

The macro nutrition guideline composes of simple food choices and quick recipes to make at home.
Also for those who dislike meals preparation, we have a solution for busy people, in order for
them to eat on the go. Without the hassle and tastes delicious.

Another focus is our personalize
micronutrients from our expert team to make sure you stay healthy and reach your goals sooner
than later. While not being another Yo-yo diet.

2. 80/20 rule, we believe that exercise is only 20% of the long term results, and if you find you
cannot commit to exercising. Our program is flexible and it allow you to focus on the 80% which
is your diet.

This makes 28 DTC stand out because of the team behind it who works hard for
you, to help you achieve your goal.

No matter your lifestyle and body composition for you to
achieve your goals and make lasting change for life.

28DTC community

3. A community of people who are supportive towards your goal is the cornerstone for lifelong

Here in the 28 DTC program, we have 100s of people who have used and are still apart
of the 28 DTC family after doing it multiple times.

As they value the relationship they made. The support includes 28 DTC family and experts where you can physically meet them or converse
online about your fitness, health, and challenges.

These are what makes 28 DTC stand out while helping real people make lasting change.

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